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Trying to book a tour or even find a venue to play in another city?  If you’ve ever tried, you know it’s tough finding the right places to play.  If you know other bands who’ve toured, you can exchange information about where to play, but clubs go out of business and new ones come up all the time.  It ain’t easy.

So with that problem, we tried to figure out a way to help you guys get connected to venues around the world… easier. The solution we came up with is, a venue search site that is created, ranked, and maintained with the help of the users, you guys.

That’s right. We don’t know where the best place to play if you’re a Canadian indie rock band trying to tour the U.S West Coast, BUT some of YOU do.  If you know a venue in your town or wherever that isn’t listed at DIYgigs, we’d love ya if you could take 30 seconds and add it.  Our vision is to create the biggest and best free venue database for bands like yours, trying to make a go of things on your own.

We just launched this thing, so it will evolve as we go. Definitely leave feedback here in the form of comments! Cool?

Hopefully with your help, we can create something cool and useful for bands/artists/musicians all over the world!


-Hoover and Voyno

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  1. December 4, 2009 4:28 pm

    Great idea guys. Simple, and best of all free. Keep up the good work!


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