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Why Data is Becoming So Important For Musicians

January 31, 2010


It’s the new gold according to many experts and pundits.

Why? Data simply helps you make better decisions.

Example 1

Let’s say you put up 3 different songs on YouTube. After you’ve promoted them all for 6 months you notice that one song has way more hits than the other. You now know that song has “single” potential. If you spend some money/time doing a better recording or making more creative videos for that song, there’s a higher likelihood that more people will want that song and thus, discover you as an artist. That’s data decision making at work.
Example 2

Let’s say you’re really wanting to tour but you’re not sure where.  You think it makes more sense to tour close to home but you’re not sure anyone will come out to those shows. You also have several videos on youtube that are all getting good hits.  You look at the analytics and notice there’s a intense amount of people from France who have viewed your vids.  France seems far away so you start doing some facebook ads to make new fans to see if there’s other places to go. After a few months you notice that the majority of facebook fans are coming from France.

The data tells you to go France ’cause the likelihood of a good tour with good shows is pretty positive. Now, you can just google around to find promoters and venues (or go to who’ll take you on. You can also use your data to let them know that putting you on a bill makes sense.

Paying attention to data makes sense. It’s key when you don’t have much money since making a bad decision that involves money can set you back.  It’s worth noting that data isn’t everything, but there’s no doubt that it helps.


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