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Band Email List Basics: Please Don’t Send Me Dink Pills

January 23, 2010

Band basics: Instruments, recordings, shows, and an email list.. you have a list going right??

In the NRP book we write about the importance of email lists. They will be your life blood for years to come. How many MySpace friends emails do you have? How about Facebook fans emails? Twitter? I thought so. You’ve got to be converting those fans into EMAIL fans. When you have a fans email you have a direct contact and don’t have to go through a middle man like Fbook.

BUT when you finally do get an email list going, and you’re sending your updates be sure to put your fans email in the BCC field. Otherwise if you simply enter the emails into the regular field you are literally sharing their email with ALL of your users. That is a huge privacy gaff. I realize that we are living in a time when emails are given out loosley but I get enough spam for dink pills. I don’t need anymore (they don’t work, right?). So when you are ready to send an update to fans make sure you use the BCC field and keep everyone happy.

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