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Make the Worst Music Possible

January 10, 2010

Have you ever been paralyzed by possibility and expectation, and the potential for failure?

For me, when I do anything in the public forum, that cold wind of failure rolls through my bones. Failure is the worst…That’s what teachers, priests, and culture have told me. Nobody wants failure’s red pen on school assignments let alone their life or art.

But yet how are you supposed to learn if you’re afraid of failure? Failure and mistakes are the WAY we learn. Mistakes in everything; in music, in touring, in shoes. Mistakes are how you get better.

So that brings us to our title for today (a bastardization of a theater quote); Make the Worst Music Possible. For me it’s liberating in the sense that anything you do will be better than the worst music possible. You know you’re not going to please everyone so might as well please your self. And it allows you to drop the notion that there is a right way or a wrong way to do art. Create the music you truly feel and failure seems not too important.

Take Control of Your Music

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