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4 Not So Obvious Tour Tips

January 9, 2010

Touring is always an interesting affair. The shows, the fans, the pay, the food, the buzzing in the car, the buzzing in your ear, all can wear on you. So to help keep you sane give these a go:

  1. Seize the shower: When a shower is available, you best take it. If you are crashing on couches and floors a shower can become a scarce thing. Driving hours from gig to gig may make personal hygiene fall behind on the ol’ priority list. It’s okay, you are a touring independent musician, it’s expected. But when it’s offered, get yourself cleaned up and seize that shower.
  2. Plug your ears: Sleep, oh precious sleep, on the road it can be hard to come by. Or when it does occur, it’ll be in strange bursts that leave you dazed. So to help with your mental stability pack more than a few spare ear plugs. Drown out the world, get some sleep and feel better.
  3. Unplug your butt: When you are trapped in a vehicle for 7 hours, staying on a healthy digestive schedule can be difficult. Constantly eating take out food can cause things to back up. So do yourself a favour and bring along a cooler with fruits and other healthy snacks. Stay away from the sugars and the salts as they will make you feel and smell like a dog.
  4. Field trips to the library: Day off you say? Sure you could hit a mall, go guitar shopping, or drive around and check out the new city, but if you’re really strapped for cash I’d suggest a trip to the library. Typically it’s a calming place where everyone can get away from each other, quiet down, and spend very little money.

Those 4 things will definitely help, but as all of us know there is always more to learn about touring. In the New Rockstar Philosophy Book we get into more specifics. You should check it out. I hope everyone’s booking for the spring thaw. It’s going to be a good year for shows. is adding new venues daily. Add yours and good karma will come to you.

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