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Defining Your Music Success in 2010

December 31, 2009

2010 is tomorrow.

New Year’s is a time to reflect and set goals for the year ahead.

We all want success in life, but do we really know at what point we can call ourselves successful? What does success even mean?

The goal of “making it” as an artist usually induces dreams of sold out stadiums, million dollar paychecks, fame, etc.. That being said, that’s only one version of “success”.

What if you were able to make $80,000/year doing music? Would that be enough to consider yourself a success?? What if you made $30,000/year but were a full-time musician?

I think it’s important to ask these questions to help you focus on attaining your ideal version of success. If you can drill down to find what’s really important to you, then you can steer yourself towards that. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be ambitious, just know what you what you need/want to be happy.

To a sweet 2010!


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