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The 2000’s: The Demise Of MTV As A Music Medium

December 28, 2009

Have you been exposed to MTV‘s newest hit show The Jersey Shore yet? It’s entertaing but has little to do with the original idea of MTV being music television.

That has been the attitude of MTV and its copycat’s for the last decade. As long as its entertaining and aimed at youth it can be on MTV. Not much music is required. The last time I saw a music video or even a live band on MTV was probably when The Hills went into repeats.

But really who cares? YouTube is here, and now everyone who wants to be a star can. No Shot of Love required. Just show up, pour your heart out, and put it on YouTube. Justin Bieber did that and created a tween sensation.

MTV is dead and nobody cares, that’s the title of the decade. Your career is really up to you, which is liberating but kinda daunting too. Small steps I say, and remember that the journey is the reward.

I typed in my name into the Jersey Shore name generator and got – Natural Light.

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