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iTunes Eats LaLa and Out Comes Your Future

December 7, 2009

If you’re under 35 you probably play your music library exclusively through iTunes.

The most you care/know of streaming (cloud) technology is when you preview an iTunes Store song. As CD’s become more obsolete so does the idea of burning a sweet mix disc. You’re going to carry your playlists with you on your iPod/iPhone so you can plug it into any auxiliary input and be the dj.

So does it matter where your music comes from? IF its always clear and IF it’s always there, where your music comes from (off the internet or off your hard drive) doesn’t matter.

So when iTunes buys LaLa, a company that has extensive experience in streaming technology (4 years is extensive on the net) it’s a big deal. Now you can take your entire iTunes library all over the world. Nobody actually “owns” the iTunes music. They just have bought the license to listen to it and stream it from the cloud. iTunes is your way into that cloud. That’s a big deal. With moves like these it’s obvious that iTunes is determined to continue to be the Juggernaut in the digital music world.

It’s going to be the way of the future. If you could get the big four record companies entire music libraries for only a dollar per year (subscription service), you’d probably do it. I know I would. The cloud is not too far in the future, and iTunes is determined to take you there.

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