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Thanks to Spotify Lady Gaga Can Buy a Keg!

November 23, 2009

Woah, remember Spotify? One of the great hopes of the record industry?

Streaming audio all the time, all the music you can take, easy to use, etc, etc,. The big plus was that artists were going to start making some money off of streaming music.

Well a report recently claims that even after Lady Gaga got a million plays on Spotify she only made $167. Really?! We’d advise Ms.Gaga to have a sweet kegger, charge $5 at the door and double her money! Boom! Your welcome Lady Gaga.

So to make AAAAAANY money in the Spotify world you need to be the biggest pop act in the world? That’s encouraging. So I guess this means we should get in the van right? Lady Gaga still is. She was supposed to tour with Kanye West, when that fell through she still soldiered on. She’s my typeagirl.

If the biggest Spotify artist in the world is still touring, you should too. TOUR+YOUTUBE!

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  1. Sylvain permalink
    November 27, 2009 6:53 am

    Check out Steve Lawson blog post below for a different take on this story:

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