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3 New Interesting MySpace Changes

November 21, 2009

In the NRP book we wrote that although MySpace is getting pushed around by facebook it still holds weight for artists. I was concerned that I’d have to revise that during the summer as MySpace looked like it was going down for the count. But then Tom went and grabbed a second wind. So here’s what you need to know:

  1. Recently MySpace pulled a social network coup when they integrated Twitter into their world.  Although it was a small change overall, it showed that MySpace still wants it.
  2. An even bigger addition is the new analytics provided to artists. Like facebook fan pages you’re provided with a closer look at ways people are finding your music and where they’re coming from. But this is wayyyy better than the facebook stuff. The MySpace back end is big, colorful, and very user friendly. You can see what songs were played when over the course of days, weeks and months and break your visitors down to country, state/province, and city, and MySpace integrates iLike.
  3. MySpace bought Imeem. Hypebot reported that MySpace bought Imeem which will mean…. something? Sure. I always thought of Imeem was kinda like MySpace anyway, but Imeem does have a coolness/niche factor that MySpace is too blunt to capture.

So looks like MySpace isn’t down for the count. Word on the street is that they’re going to be an entertainment social network. Giving artists a reason to stay on MySpace BESIDES the large audience will go a long way to getting artists (entertainers) engaged and supplying MySpace with good content.

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