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On Stage Visuals

November 17, 2009

Last weekend, I checked out this band called Ohbijou. It was really out of a chance as I was with some people and we ended up at the venue. When I heard the band name from a friend, I was like what?? It sounded like a jumble of vowels, very similar to my mumbling (if you ever meet me in person, you’ll know).

Then the band hit the stage and I saw a big “OH” in lights. Then it hit me. OH-bijou. It stuck and now I clearly remember the name. If you have a messed up name, it’s good to figure out ways to help people remember it, especially if they’ve had a few beer at a club.

Even if you don’t have a messed up name, having people remember who you are is pretty key.  The chances of that drunk going home and googling/youtubing your band relies on his/her ability to know what to look for.   Make it easy for drunkie to do so.

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