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NRP November Challenge: Video EPK

November 9, 2009

We’ve mentioned the beauty of video EPK’s before, but recently I was re-introduced to the power of these little videos when I stumbled upon Emiliana Torrini. Her epk is slightly longer than most, but it tells me all that I need to know about her music and her background.

As a writer, I find video EPK’s can show me a lot about an artist. Not only do they show you what the artist looks like and how they sound, but you get a feel for their personality, which really is the whole point.

Now here’s the sweetest part about Video EPK: They can can be done very quickly. 4 STEPS TO MAKING A QUALITY VIDEO EPK:

  1. Acquire a high quality (read: Hi-Def) camera.
  2. Film a show, film some randomness, film you talking about your music, your life, etc. What you’re trying to do here is highlight WHY YOU STAND OUT and why anyone should care about you.
  3. Editing. This could be the most important part. Edit it for a while, or until you are thoroughly convinced that whoever sees your vid will be blown away by your awesome-ness. Once again, edit to highlight personality.
  4. Double check to make sure your EPK shows a accurate profile of who you really are and what you stand for.

EPK’s are not necessarily for all of your fans. They are for people who want to know more about what you have going on (read: Bloggers/Press). With that in mind you can make specific EPK’s to highlight specific things you have going on. Do you have a new single coming out? A new 3P? a new look or feel to your band? All of these can be highlighted in several different video EPK’s.

Although it may sound daunting, it’s totally do-able. It’s the New Rockstar Philosophy Challenge!!! Ah? Ah? now you’re going to do it eh? I dare you. In fact send us a link to your EPK and we’ll post our favorites. Winners get a free copy of The New Rockstar Philosophy ; )

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