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The Beatles Are In The Top 10 Again

November 4, 2009

A friend of mine reminded me about The idea is that the website ranks and finds the most blogged, downloaded, and buzzed about music from all over the internet world. It’s a cool idea, but the most significant piece of info is not who holds the number one spot on the list of daily emerging songs, but who’s in the weekly and monthly charts.

When you scroll through you realize that to be a band that sticks around you must have massive songwriting chops.  The kind of writing that will keep people coming back to your music. That’s because you’re not only competing against other artist of today, but you’re competing against Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and Zep, to name a few.

For some this may not come as a surprise, but it threw me for a loop. People have Radiohead’s entire discography at their fingertips. For you to get through you’ve got to connect with them. Make them dance, make them cry, make them laugh, make them angry, as long as you make them FEEL something.

Sites like We Are Hunted re-affirm one thing; Songwriting is and always will be king. Write more songs.

Take Control of Your Music


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