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Do This Now: Press Pages

October 23, 2009

This is so simple, I wonder if everyone does it and I’ve just been sleeping. Yet I’m fairly certain that this is the first time I’ve stumbled upon this easy, cheap, and effective tool for your music; Press pages.

A simple one page write up about your latest release. With the vital information that reporters (read: bloggers) want to know. A few hi-res photos, contact info, an audio sample, some quotes from the press and you’re done. Some include pdf’s although I would advise away from .pdf-ing too much stuff unless it’s reeeeeally worth it. Downloading things is annoying.

“But Voyno”, you protest. “Can’t Sonicbids do this for you?”  The answer is… kinda.

Yes Sonicbids gives you a sort of pro and uniformed press release look, but why not do it on your own instead of/in addition to Sonicbids. The band AU have a perfect template for a great online Press Page. Check it out.

I’m telling all my musician friends to set up a press page for each of their releases. If you have your own webspace it’ll be easier but it’s not a necessity. If you’ve already got a blog going, maybe create a few extra tabs to accommodate your press pages. Get creative, and git’er’dun, because this is an easy and effective tool you should be using.

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