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It Might Get Loud and Creativity

October 10, 2009

A few of us have been waiting impatiently for the movie, It Might Get Loud, ever since we saw the trailer.  If you haven’t heard about this and you’re a guitar player or a musician, listen to this!

The whole concept is about bringing three people in to talk about the guitar, songwriting, and the development of their style.  That sounds somewhat cool, but when those three people are Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White, you can understand the excitement.

Anyways, we didn’t expect the movie to come here, but the fine folks at the community theatre (they play a ton of indie flicks, documentaries, etc..), brought it in for a week.  Let’s just say it was pretty damn good.

I wanted to talk a little bit about one aspect of the show where they talk about the art of creation. Edge described it as making your way through a cluttered forest, eventually you’ll get to a point where all the trees are lined up perfectly and the light shines in.  You can work on creating something that just isn’t working, but suddenly out of nowhere, something will come to you, and you’ve got it.

Creativity is a strange thing. The minute you try to control it and consciously call for it, it’s not there. You can encourage it to come out, but you can’t force it.  It has to flow at the right time after the inspiration hits. I think the work really comes after you’ve already got the raw song sketch.

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