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Tom Petty: Visual Art In Music

October 4, 2009

I was in my local public library when I stumbled upon a thought provoking magazine. It’s called Flash Art and it claims to be the worlds leading Art magazine. I often forget that the experience of great music is heightened when it’s combined with other great art forms. Whether that be photography, painting, performance art, or other art, all of it, combined with music, can be an awesome thing. Tom Petty credits Denny Cordell with schooling him in the important role visual art has in music.

I remember taking a break from the studio to go to an art show. I couldn’t put it together. I wanted to go and record and he said ‘No, there’s a connection here. Just take this in’… we owe him a great deal for showing us that.

Tom Petty

Listening exclusively to music for inspiration is limiting yourself to one artistic medium. Learn from Petty. Explore other art forms. Go to an art gallery, check out your local photography exhibit, or simply scour the net for stuff that moves you. When you find it, explore it, learn from it, and find out why it moves you. It can only help the music.

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