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Van Morrison Spills His Bones On Q

October 2, 2009

Van Morrison is a huge character. He demands a sort of respect that few are granted. Van Morrison is granted that respect in part because of what he rejects. He rejects fame, celebrity, and the vapid pop culture world. But of course that just makes him that much more mysterious and sought after.

Jian Ghomeshi, from the fine radio program Q, was lucky enough to interview Van Morrison for some 70 minutes. In that time you begin to understand Van’s career in the music business and why  his typical demeanor, on and off the stage, can be compared to that of an angry badger…Well, that may be pushing it, but he’s definitely a guy that I wouldn’t mess with.

Do your self a favour and listen to the interview in it’s entirety. Even if you’re not schooled in the world of Van Morrison it’s worth your time. He speaks about music like a true musician. Soul, feeling, and free creativity are all things that he knows a lot about and everybody can learn a thing or two from Van’s wisdom.

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