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Artist Uses Multiple Music Income Streams

September 27, 2009

The Rebellion

I was thinking on the day job aspect of being a musician and wanted to find an artist who’s made music a full time gig. I wanted to find someone who isn’t touring all the time, but still can earn his keep through various musical ventures.  After some digging around, I realized I knew someone down the road who’s doing exactly what I was looking for.

Josh Palmer fronts a band called The Rebellion. He’s been playing live since the age of 8 and even was a finalist on the Canadian version of American Idol.  Palmer has figured out a way to build out his career as an artist while making money through an assortment of musical ventures.

1. He owns a recording studio

One of his band mates and him set-up a recording studio to record other acts and themselves. Not only does the studio bring in cash, it helps him build relationships with other musicians and offers The Rebellion a jam space/studio.

2. He works as a sound engineer

He does sound for shows all over town. Not only does he get to hone his live sound skills (for use in his own band), he gets to know larger touring acts which may be helpful when he does more touring.  He actually did sound for Lil’ John last night .  Who knows, the Rebellion might be touring as his back-up band in the near future.

3. He’s a session player

He doesn’t do it as much anymore, but he’ll play guitar/keys for other artists when they perform or record.  Not only does he make some money, he again is building relationships with other artists.

4. The Rebellion

The band also generate money from live shows, cd sales, and merch sales.

His main goal is to make The Rebellion his full time gig, but he’s avoided a normal day job and has been able to make money through multiple music related gigs. It’s just one example of an indie artist making music a full time life.

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