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Does Your Band Have A Story?

September 26, 2009

Often I get asked by my musician friends “how do I get blogs to write about me?”

I tell them, first off, make amazing music, but after that what bloggers want is a story they can tell the world. A band putting out a disc is a common story. Even with good music and artwork and all that jazz, it’s still a common story.

If a band made their disc while they sailed around the world, or if they made it in the dead of winter while recovering from a sickness, or if they were the children of cult leaders, is all stuff worth writing about.

Girls, a band which is getting some underground buzz, is a band with a great story. Drugs, runaways, millionaires, and rock and roll. Even before you’ve heard the music you’re interested. You’ll probably give the band at least a try. Which is all that you can ask from people.

So find your story, or, as many bands do, dream it up, then live it. Make it as ridiculous as you want, but be sure to make it your own and authentic to who you really are.

I’ll leave you with another artist who created a great story. Sufjan Stevens plans (planned) on making 50 albums for 50 states. His story got people interested and then his music kept people around.

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