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Push Versus Pull Music Marketing

September 23, 2009

What’s the default human reaction to someone pushing something on you?

For the most part, you automatically go into defense mode and put on your cynical hat.  You start questioning things. “If it’s that good, why does this person need to push it on me?,  I can’t trust this guy as he’s a salesperson and he wants to make a buck.”   That’s why spam, cold-calling, door-to-door sales are all forms of selling that most people are averse to.

On the flipside, when you go buy something because you’re drawn to it for whatever reason (friends are raving about it, it’s just too awesome to pass up, it actually will do something that will enhance or be useful to your life, etc..) then you’re being pulled in.  You can leave at any time, but the key difference is that you actually want to be there.

So how does this apply to music?  We all know the band spammers who constantly post comments to check their music out.  I’m sure it works to a certain extent, but most comments are so in personal that you probably won’t bother approving it or checking it out.

Then there are the other artists who create something that will draw people in to check out their music.  It could be a great youtube video that people just want to share and tell others about. It could be the fact that they are one of the few people to write songs with an 8 string guitar. Whatever it is, they created something unique that gets people interested. Sure, they may have to get the word out initially by telling friends and fans, but if it’s truly special, it will start pulling more people in. People that actually want to see what you’re all about instead of being pushed into it.

Here’s an example of a fan made daft-punk video that was just so well done (not expensive, just time consuming and a lot of practice) that people had to tell others about it. Over 33 million views and counting.

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