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Rebound: Keeping Band Momentum Going

September 21, 2009

Continuing from the last article, I want to get into more band stuff.

When a big promise falls through, it can be hard for some band members to stay pumped about the band. Disappointment and deflation are all too common.

You have 2 choices as a concerned band member. You can let everyone’s feelings sit and fester. Or, you can get the band to drop the issue, and move on to what is happening today. Focus on the next gig, the next song, the next jam.  Maybe in today’s new light that promise wasn’t what you really needed, or wanted. Maybe it’s given you the perspective to look around at what you have and make it happen on your own.

Keeping band momentum should be an easy thing. Jam often, hang out often, treat each other respect and above all keep making music for the love and the fun of it. If you keep pouring your artistic soul into your sounds you’ll connect with people. Keep going.

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