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Only Believe It When It’s In Your Hands

September 19, 2009

So a while back I posted on the importance of doing things yourself. If you want something done right, it will probably require more then just your direction.

Well here’s another diamond music bizzzz tip: Only believe it when it’s in your hands.

The music industry is full of well meaning individuals who may intend to deliver on their promises but don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Things can happen between the time the promise is made and the time it’s delivered. For many bands, if the promise is big enough they can lose momentum in the aftermath of it not happening. You’ve wanted it since the promise was made to you. You told everyone and now that it’s not happening. You’re left with egg on your face.

Musicians who have been around have probably learned this lesson before, and if you haven’t experienced it then you probably will. But this is just a friendly reminder that whatever you are promised, you should wait until it is in your hands (confirmed) before telling it to the world.

Keep going and it will all work itself out.


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