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TweetDeck and One Stop Updating

September 13, 2009

Was just cruising Hypebot on a Sunday and realized TweetDeck made an update where you can update and monitor mypsace, facebook, and twitter all in the same place/time.  Services like this are becoming common as it’s a major pain to login and logout out of multiple sites. We all know myspace is pretty much dead, but as an artist, it’s still somewhere people find out about music because you don’t have to login to listen. Facebook is still relevant and is becoming more musician friendly as time goes.  Twitter seems to keep gaining momentum and it becomes fun when you actually start using it, so we’ll see how far this ride goes.

The point is that any service that makes things easier while still allowing you to effectively engage your various communities is fantastic.  Time is limited and on top of interacting with fans and online promotion, you have to make music, play shows,  work/school,  and have some kinda personal life too.  Take advantage of TweetDeck. It’s a great free tool.  Available for the Iphone if you’re a fellow iphone nerd like myself.

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