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Quit Your Day Job; Stay Hungry

September 11, 2009

This is a counter point to Hoovers article recently.

Now of course there is something to be said for the stability and security of keeping your day job, but doesn’t fortune favor the bold? Are not the ones who gain the most out of life willing to put it all on the line, and go for it?

The problem that I see with many artists is that they don’t give enough of themselves to their art. They take what they get and as the years roll by they accept and settle for what they have. If your   job is to play your ass off nightly then you have nothing else to fall back on. You need to sell merch or else you are not eating the next day.

That type of stress creates the fire that some people need, that some people love. When artists get comfortable their music typically suffers. You need to stay hungry. Always be willing to learn, always be willing to change, and always be willing to give yourself completely to your art.

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