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Benefits of Keeping Your Day Job for Now

September 9, 2009

It’s tempting to say, “Screw it, I’m quitting this job and going on tour forever.”

Day jobs take time away from making music and working on your band, but they have their perks if you stop and look.

1. You can make clearer decisions

Desperate times call for desperate measures. When you’re in a pinch and you need cash, you’ll do things you wouldn’t normally do. You may take a gig that pays, but kills your street cred.  When you have money, you’re not so desperate anymore and can make better decisions.

2. You can invest in your own band

You can invest in recording gear, jam space, gear, buying merch, etc… If you’re relying just on band money to do these things in the beginning, it may take a long time and a lot of gigs to get what you could if you all had jobs.

3. Your personal life may carry less stress

Let’s face it. Money causes worry and stress. It leads to people fighting, relationships ending, bands breaking up, etc.. Having some money while you build your career part-time is not a bad thing. It might take longer, but there’s a lot less risk and possible pain on the journey.

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