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Do You Need To Move?

September 7, 2009

Every time I travel I am reminded of the amazing music that is being made around the world. All of it can have a place, and all of it can have an audience. But occasionally that audience may not be in your hometown.

If you’re making niche music (isn’t it all?) then it caters to a niche market. That market may not be big enough where you live. That doesn’t mean you need to give up the game. But it could mean that you need to move your ass to the place where your audience will be. Typically that means a larger market (where everyone finds an audience) or a genre specific market (like Nashville for country artists).

I know more then a few bands who couldn’t sell out local venues yet they play to thousands of fans in other markets. That’s what our digital age has given us. A way of tracking where our fans are coming from and then using that info to our advantage. Moving to another  market may seem like a big step, but this is your music and your life. If you want to keep making music then you’ve got to find your fans.  Moving may be a very good idea.

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