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Showmanship and Cirque De Soleil

September 6, 2009

I just got back from Vegas for a 3-day Bachelor Party.

I’ll leave the details aside, but let’s just say it was a good time.

At one point, a few of us went to see the Beatles’ Love Cirque de Soleil show.

I went with unsure expectations and left highly impressed. I couldn’t help but think how many hours of preparation goes into a show like this. A cast of dozens all worked together to create a spectacle for the audience. Everything was timed perfectly to the music. For example, at the end of Strawberry Fields (I think), one lady who was flying around in the sky drops her veil and the guy on stage catches it at the exact moment the last note stops. At another point, a huge white sheet is extended into the audience to act as a floating screen where imagery of the ocean was projected (with a yellow submarine of course).

You can’t help but leave a show like that feeling like you got your money’s worth. You can’t help but tell people you know how great it was. This was true showmanship.  You could tell all the performers were dedicated to the performance. There was no one who looked like they weren’t into their role.  It wouldn’t work if every performer wasn’t giving it their all.

So bringing that back to being a musician, an act who puts that kind of energy into both their songs and their show is almost guaranteed to be a success.

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