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Getting Things Done On Lazy Sunday

August 29, 2009

Like most ppl I love weekends. The gigs, the jams, the parties typically fall onto those few days.  But after going hard at the gig that pays you during the week, and going even harder at the Saturday night gig, you may not have much left.

Therefore the thought of getting up early on Sunday morning to work on band stuff may seem absurd. Yet most times its gotta be done. Following up on emails, re-writing that second verse, or arranging the merch is all stuff that is easily to pushed onto the weekends. But now it’s time to actually get that stuff done.

So have a plan for lazy Sunday so it doesn’t go to waste. A simple list of 4 things to do will be reasonable. 1. Put new strings on your guitar 2. Email that Venue 3. Send a email blast to fans 4. Have a songwriting session with your mates. Lists are so freaking obvious that they’re easy to forget. You may be working at your band only part time but you should invest your whole mind into the situation. That way u can get up at noon and still get lazy Sunday off the ground.

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