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Recording is an Art

August 28, 2009

There is an art to recording, much like there is an art to playing live. Typically most bands will begin by performing live then decide to record some music. But if you’ve had any experiences like myself, when you get into the studio you can become discouraged by how different it can sound.

You rocked the show last night, the crowd loved every beat, so why is the recording at 10:00am on some random Tuesday not working? Hmmmm maybe its because you’re not recording the right way. There can be a lot of factors that can influence a recording session (like recording at 10am! Are you insane!?) but the important thing is to stick with it, stick with your vision, and experiment.

Just like the art of playing live, the best way to figure out the art of recording is to record as much as you can. I was chatting with a friend who’s relatively fresh to the music scene and advised her to
invest in her own recording gear. That way you not only get experience playing your instruments in a recording session but you’ll get experience with the hardware. You’ll find out what this knob does and what that knob does, and you’ll realize that, “wow, that New Rockstar Philosophy knob was right. Recording on our own is art but it so much fun!” Knob.

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