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The Apple Tablet & CMX

August 17, 2009

So let me get this straight. In another attempt to invigorate the flaccid record business, the major labels are placing their bets on consumers’ deep and storied history with….. liner notes?

Fook off Tommy, I thought they moved you outta the retarded classroom?? I guess not.

What you need to know:

Apple is unveiling their tablet soon. This has given the internet world a collective boner. Oh, and as a side note they are also planning on showing us a new way to experience music. “Ooooooh” said the peanut gallery.

So if iTunes is doing it, everybody will be doing it.

CMX is the a rival music experience brought to you by the Majors. This new music experience will feature wait for it…. videos! hd pictures! aaaaaand liner notes! Wow. Just top notch guys. Keep suing single mothers, with ideas like that, pretty soon that will be all that’s left. It’ll be essentially the same thing as Apple’s new music experience, but knowing the way the Majors do things, it’ll probably be an epic fail. I bet it will be:

  • DRM locked.
  • You’ll probably have to download, install, and restart.
  • It’ll track your IP address and will report back to Universal Music your personalized demographics so they can sell you more Soulja Boi ringtones.

So break out the champagne chaps, it’s time to drink like the 80’s!! Because by joe, we’ve licked this internet thing.

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  1. August 19, 2009 1:16 pm

    I don’t know… We’ll see what happens. That Apple tablet thingummy might just give enough perception of value-added for people to embrace the format, especially if it gives better value-for-money than buying tracks separately (this will most likely happen if there are more than ten tracks in the bundle – remember that listening to all of them to decide which you like is also a cost).

    Apple has this strange way of making the impossible possible. The iTunes store had no way of working in a post-Napster world, with the more savvy file-sharers already moving to BitTorrent. It had DRM too, for most of its existence. So how come it is by far the most profitable source of digital music right now? (Even considering the fact, that what Apple is really selling are iPods.)

    I am by no means a Warilite and have no illusions about these formats magically saving the industry, but I’m willing to give them the benefit of a doubt.

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