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Even Lauryn Hill Got Booed in Her Early Days

August 15, 2009

Came across a vid of a young (13!) Lauryn Hill playing the Amateur Night at the Apollo Theatre .  You could tell she had some raw talent, but it wasn’t refined and she was pretty nervous. For the first little while of her performance, she actually got booed.  People in this audience don’t put up with much unless it’s good. Lauryn definitely started out shaky.

The thing is, she overcame that, turned the crowd around, and finished really strong!

What’s the point??

What if she broke down emotionally and never tried again??  She wouldn’t have become the huge success she did become. Everyone isn’t going to love you right out the gate, but if you believe you have something of  worth, you keep pushing and finding your voice until more and more people start paying attention.  You might not be that great right out the gate, but you keep practicing and getting better at your craft. You put in the work because you love what you do.

So, if you recognize you have something to show the world, keep pushing.

Here’s the vid of young Lauryn:

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  1. August 24, 2009 10:26 am

    the apollo theatre is one of those places where people are looking for excuses to boo. however, you make a valid point about persistence and execution. expecting or hoping for “overnight success” is illogical. it must be seen as a myth or else you won’t accomplish anything.

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