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Increase Your YouTube Content Quickly

August 13, 2009

My iPod broke recently, and I have little music on my main computer. That has forced me to look through the scattered rubble that is YouTube.

It’s strange that even after the massive success (or perhaps in spite of) of YouTube acts, more musicians don’t have more YouTube videos. I know it can seem daunting or somehow try-hard, but that attitude was sooo 2006. It’s 2009 now people, and nearing 2010 at an alarming rate. Get over yourself and upload videos to YouTube. It’s free, it’s easy, it’s a no brain-er.

YOU CAN DO THIS TODAY:  Load up your music in your favourite movie makin’ program (iMovie or the like). Throw in your album art and voila. You have a simple and easy video for YouTube. If you’re feeling extra spicy you can make band photo collage. Ooh, collage.

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