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Simplicity Isn’t Stupidity

August 8, 2009

Was just browsing YouTube for drumming videos and came across some stuff by Steve Jordan (respected session drummer, John Mayer Trio).

It was part of his The Groove is Here instructional video, but his main point was:

“Simplicity isn’t Stupidity.”

As a drummer in an act, you play a huge role in the foundation of a song.  You hold everything together and help convey the mood of the song.  A simple beat can mean a lot more when you look at the overall song. For example,  the drum track on MJ’s “Beat It”  is one of the most recognized beats in pop music, but it’s so straight forward. It fits perfectly though and makes the song pop.

This goes for guitarists too. Sure, you can solo your face off, but if it doesn’t contribute and take the song to another level, what’s the point besides being a show-off? Why stop with guitarists?  Any musician who contributes to a song has to remember to do what’s best for the song, not their own ego. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it’s worth keeping in mind every time you’re working on a song.

I leave you with some drum excellence courtesy of  Steve Jordan and Bernard “Pretty” Purdie.  *Watch Purdie talk as he plays- he’s got so much soul, you can’t help but laugh with him).

Steve Jordan– Sweeeeeeeeet Grooooooove

Bernard “Pretty” Purdie

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  1. March 15, 2010 1:15 pm

    This is another fantastic posts and the exactly the reason that this is one of my favorite music blogs. Weezer’s guitarist is one of the great examples of simplicity being correct, his guitar solos agree with the music and message and are very simple and never disappoint. The same with John Mayer in Continuum, all very simple solos, but they tell the story properly and are very powerful. ❤

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