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How Being You is Better Than Fitting In

August 3, 2009

In high school, fitting in and being accepted is the name of the game. If you were different than the majority, you were usually ostracized. As you get older, you realize those who dare to be different and unique seem to achieve more success than those who want to fit in and be accepted by the majority.

This transfers into music as well.  There are usually a couple bands in a scene that influence a ton of bands and soon you find yourself with 10,000 bands that sound exactly the same.  All those bands are trying to be like the cool bands that started the trend, but they all come off as imitators.  The imitators are usually forgotten, but the original instigators usually sustain.

It can be hard to find a sound that’s just yours, but here are few ideas to get you started.

1. Being conscious of why certain music moves you.

There are several factors involved, but once you find something that really takes you over,  dig deep to find out why.

2. Playing and practicing …a lot

The more you play and write, the more you’ll develop something that’s uniquely you.  Go beyond your comfort zone and try things you don’t normally do. 

3. Have a vision

Have an idea of what you want your music to sound like. Kurt Cobain wanted to sound like the Pixies but with the pop sensibilties of the Beatles. Nirvana went and pulled that off pretty well.

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