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3 Tips For Recieving Music Criticism

August 2, 2009

I love how subjective music can be. Especially at the fringes. Those artists who are doing things against the grain typically face a number of criticisms. When you’re faced with naysayer keeping the momentum going can be difficult.

I read a great quote by Animal Collective which was essentially, when making art expect that there will be people who don’t get it and will tell you ‘you suck.’  So with that in mind I’m offering you a few tips to thicken your skin.

1. Put Your Ego Down:

This is a big one. No one is perfect, not even Lennon/McCartney, so don’t get soooo attached to your music that you can’t take criticism. Often it at the very least, will show you that you can’t please everyone so you should please yourself first.

2. Realize Everyone Has An Opinion:

Every a-hole with a blog can tell you their opinion. Some love you, some hate, some don’t care. But everyone is different, and like you’ve read, you can’t please everyone so don’t try to.

3. It’s Your Music:

One of the reasons the Major Label music industry gargles donkey balls as a business plan is because they listen to too many focus groups. Since when should an “artist” listen to the opinions of a bunch of randomly chosen people? People who may, or may not, have any musical knowledge?

Never is the answer. Focus groups are the spawn of a marketer’s wet dreams. It’s your music. You decide! The rest can eat it.

It’s never fun to hear someone tell you that they don’t like your music. But who cares, there are over six billion people out there. You’ll find your audience, just stick to your artistic vision and you’ll find them.

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  1. August 3, 2009 5:38 am

    Good post. Keep it up!



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