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How To Become Bob Dylan

July 27, 2009

“One thing for sure, not only was it (the world) not run by God, but it wasn’t run by the devil either”

-Bob Dylan

That’s the final line in Bob Dylan’s book Chronicles: Volume One. That is some heavy shit. For me it is an inspiring quote. It tells me that there is no act of divine providence that will get you to the top, nor will the clouds collude to keep you down. It’s your journey, your music, and your career, what you do with it is only a matter of choice.

I’ve already started to re-read Chronicles because the depth of Dylan’s wisdom can’t be absorbed on one go. But it’s all in there. So if you want to be Bob Dylan you now have the road map with this book.

But I think after reading a book like this, many will see that the reason Bob Dylan became so successful is because he did his own thing. Always. He was always changing and always doing what he wanted to do, not what others wanted, or expected him to do.

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