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The Battle Is Over/Time To Move On

July 24, 2009

There has been a lot of news, as of late, about the music industry and the state it is in. Yet, it feels like most of it was not worth noting. Not because it wasn’t important and news worthy, but because: if by this point in 2009, you have not decided what side you’re on in the “Music Industry vs The Audience” battle, then you’re not even playing. Ya dig?

The RIAA sues a mother of two for sharing 24 songs, and WINS! That is preposterous. What can the RIAA have possibly hoped to achieve in the long run? Now, not only have they lost a generation of kids because they sat on their fingers while these kids grew up with free file sharing, but the RIAA has also lost their parents, whom see this as a big company bulling a family for something that EVERYBODY DOES.

But that is not news worthy in my books. It is the last flailing of a falling empire. An empire who could have had made a lot of money if they were not stuck in their ivory towers.

Are you with that falling empire? Are you holding onto your songs for dear life? Are you afraid of not being paid for your art?  I don’t think you are. I bet you believe that you’ve got to share your music to be able to make more music. You know that the more you give (music) the more you get (fans).

We’re not fighting the file sharing battle. That battle ended years ago. Guess who won? Everyone who left the battle and went to find their fans directly. The battle is over. Time to grab that career.

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