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Getting The Attention of an Audience

July 20, 2009

So another post from my experience at this music festival.

On Saturday night, an artist by the name of Carolyn Mark played a 10 pm slot to a fairly sized crowd of people. She was a bluegrass/country act and I thought she would go over well with the type of people that would be at this festival.

During the first few songs, she had a few people up front watching the set, but it wasn’t until she played a cover of “Jackson” by Johnny Cash and June Carter, that the small group of people turned into a huge crowd. It was nuts. People were just running up in droves as this song played.

The great part??  Most of those people stayed up front to really find out who this Carolyn Mark really was. She pulled the crowd in with a cover and made them stay.

If you’re unfamiliar to people and people don’t know your songs, you gotta get their attention somehow.  Your songs may be great, but it might not pull people from the beer gardens if they haven’t heard those songs before. A great cover of a well chosen song is one tactic to get people’s attention so they take a closer look at your own stuff.

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