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Making Your Show an Event

July 19, 2009

I just got back from a local music festival that brings in acts from all around the world.  It’s relatively small (under 5000 people) but it was a really good time.  Camping, some great live music, sunshine, and thousands of people make a good party.

The funny thing is a lot of the people I talked to didn’t even come for the music. No one knew who was really playing or when. You just wandered to the stage when you felt like it. People were there for the social experience. They were there to have a good time.

People go to shows to see bands, but for a lot of local shows, it’s a social gathering where the band is the jukebox for the night of drinking. People are there to party and the band might just make it a sweeter party.

As the band playing, I know it’s not the most ego-stroking thing to say people don’t care who’s playing.  However, if you are putting on the show, why not take advantage of the social aspect of shows?

If you usually bring out more ladies to shows, why not promote that to get more guys to come? You could promote it as a party with a band, instead of your band’s show. Throw in some door prizes and other creative ideas to make it something worth coming to (for someone who has no idea who your band is). A lot of people will come for the party. You’ll get more people paying to get in and you might convert a few people who didn’t care before.

Remember, as a newish band, your first 2 major “career” goals should be to get as many people out to your local shows and make the band self-sustaining (all money coming in from shows, merch, and music sales covers all band expenses). More on self-sustaining in a later blog post.

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