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Blue King Brown: Email Lists People!!!

July 15, 2009

The other weekend I attended a Jazz Festival show and came upon a great band and a great vibe. The vibe was easy and positively natural and the band was Blue King Brown.

Having traveled from Australia you’d expect the band to be pushing merch and disc sales. Most people know that show sales help out artists, but there was no mention of it. They did bring merch, it was clearly marked, but the band didn’t tell the crowd “you can pick up a CD at the back.”   The only encouragement from the lead singer was to “sign the email list.”  She went on to explain that it’s a long way from Australia and next time they are in town they want to see us all again.

It was perfect. No one wants to be told to buy something. They want to discover it themselves. Of course I would give this awesome band my email. Fans go back to put their email down and run into a sweet t-shirt and a reasonably priced disc. Hook, Line, and sinker.

Even if they get no sales from that night, if they’ve got the contacts from their fans they’ll be able to sell to them later. Brilliant, and so easy. Email Lists: HAVE THEM AT EVERY SHOW!!!!!

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