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PPF House-Promoting The Collective

July 13, 2009

Some friends of mine are in town to start their Canadian tour and they just put on a fund raising beer night to get some cash right out the gate. They were selling advance copies of their new album, and the cool thing was that it wasn’t a CD! That’s right, they sold me a bandcamp access code with the liner notes for $5!

I was happy to pay since I knew the guys and dug their previous stuff.  What I wanted to talk about today is that these guys are all individual artists, but are also a collective unit known as PPF house.  These guys are promoting all the individuals under the power of the group. It’s a classic move in the hip hop world, but can just as effectively be applied to other scenes.

PPF house comprises of producers, emcees, and visual artists.  They run their own label, they collaborate creatively, they record together, and they tour together. It’s a system that grooms the individuals to break out later on their own.

There’s nothing preventing you from doing the same in your town with like minded artists. It may take a little organizing and work, but it could pay off quicker and be more effective than doing it on your own.

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