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Being Accessible To The Industry

July 11, 2009

Being accessible is about more then the artist-to-fan relationship. You’ve got that relationship cased with your social media stuff. But what state is your artist-to-industry relationship?

What am I talking about? Photographers, producers, other artists, managers, agents, and other industry folk will be important in the growth of your career. So then why do you only have one general way to be contacted?

Having one band email is alright, but that email can get clogged up quickly. Especially if you don’t have it forwarding to your regular email or check it as regularly as you should. So why not have a way for those industry people to contact you a little more directly. To do that I’d suggest either:

  • Having a few different emails. One for press & publicity, one for booking, one for general inquires, etc, or..
  • Have one email, but modify the subject line of the mailto:hyperlinks on your various sites. So you that when someone from the press wants to get in touch with you they’ll click your “press” hyperlink and then the word press will show up in the subject line of their email to you. Nerdy but pretty easy.

Both avenues will take up a little brain power and a little time, but it can help you identify real offers from boolshit.

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