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The Avett Brothers: Building a Career

July 6, 2009

I know I’m late to the party. Blogs, TV, newspapers, and my sister have been yelling at me to check out the Avett Brothers. I’d heard their stuff months ago and was captivated but for some reason did not investigate further. I finally did, and wow. These kids know what they’re doing.

We’re not only talking about music, which is quality, but in terms of building a career. They’ve carved out a solid community of fans.

For those fans, the Avett Brothers have forums, they select featured fans, and interact in a way that I didn’t realize any folk band did.

Through constant quality music, constant touring, and constant quality contact with their fans the Avett Brothers have created a fine blueprint for a career. When fans feel invested in your success they will tell the entire world. There is nothing better then sharing great music from your favorite band.

So once again. 1. Make honest, real, authentic, amazing music. 2. Provide your fans with way of interacting with you (Twitter, YouTube, Email lists, etc) 3. Get on the road and tour and build that career.

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