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Do’s and Don’ts of Email Signatures

June 24, 2009

As the downloads have increased for The New Rockstar Philosophy Book, I’ve become quite accustomed to seeing various peoples email “signatures.”

For those of you who may not know, within the settings of most email programs you can choose to put as few, or as many, hyperlinks and/or images at the bottom of every email. When someone views your email they will see these links, images, quotes, or what have you, and they may click on them.

For artists, including an hyperlinked web address pointing the email recipient to your Twitter, or MySpace, is a no brainier. If you plan on keeping your artistry a secret then don’t include links in the signature, but I’d recommend it for most.

Now comes the question of etiquette. Some people will simply include their name, and one or two hyperlinks. Others will choose to have signatures that highlighting their accomplishments, maybe a quote from a blog, or a Twitter-ish bio. Others will choose to put images at the bottom. Although images  are cool, my main argument against that is many email programs block those images. But it’s your call.

The length of these signatures is another personal choice. I personally prefer shorter email signatures. That gives me 1 or 2 choices for what I should click on to hear your music or whatever. The huge email signatures are def impressive but I get overwhelmed with the choices and in the end choose nothing.

But big or small you should have a email signature that is going to make it easy for people to access your music.

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