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You Ain’t Gotta Do Shit

June 18, 2009

As an artists do you ever feel like there’s a “to do list” overload? It seems especially common in our hyperlinked world. I think everyone feels overwhelmed at some point. There are a million ways to “make” it. So even if you’ve read an article advising you to do this, join that, or what have you, that doesn’t mean you MUST do it.

If it’s annoying, if it’s tedious, if it doesn’t work for you then why do it??? Don’t!
You don’t have to do a damn thing but MAKE MUSIC. That’s all you have to do, make music. If you’re not making music then you’re not really an artist, musician, or whatever you want to be called.

This post stems from our friends at Hypebot posting an article about your online music marketing report card. As I read the points I was struck by how many relatively “big” bands would score low. They don’t have very high scores on much except music. Their music kicks ass and that’s all that matters. And in the end that’s all that ever matters.

Don’t get me wrong, having a strong online presence will help but good music spreads. Music first.


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