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Inspirational Materials

June 15, 2009

In the New Rockstar Philosophy book, we mention the importance of having some inspirational materials when you go on tour.

Stuff like a DVD of your favourite band, a new great record, or even a bag of your mommies cookies are the type of moral boosters that every band wants more of. Driving for extended periods of time can bore the hell of people and diminish your enthusiasm.

But don’t let those things only stay on the road.

The daily “work” of keeping a band together can drag on ones enthusiasm as well. The next time your getting tired of updating websites, scheduling the next tour, setting up some practice time, and other necessary stuff, sit down and use those inspirational materials. Watch your favourite band play. It’ll pump you up for the next jam, re-charge your enthusiasm for music and give the daily “work” a sharper focus on what you want and why you’re doing it.

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