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New Rockstar Hypebot Interview

June 8, 2009


Just to let you guys know, Kyle over at Hypebot did an interview with us regarding the New Rockstar Philsophy book. Here’s some of it, but you can read more at Hypebot.

Also, you know now what we look like. It’s madness I know, but that’s Voyno on the left and me on the right. The mystery has been revealed!!!

Interview: Voyno and Hoover of The New Rockstar Philosophy (Part 1)


Kyle Bylin, Associate Editor

Today, I spoke with Voyno and Hoover, authors of the recently released book and highly popular blog The New Rockstar Philosophy.  In this interview, we talk about the stigma that comes with writing advice for independent artists, their theory on consistent new music, and how musicians will continue to ‘take control of their music’ in the next decade.

Leading up to committing to writing the book and starting the blog…

What initially inspired the idea for New Rockstar Philosophy and made you take the task on?

Hoover: Voyno was in a new band and looking to take a serious go of things. I had been wanting back into the music loop.  I played in bands, promoted shows,  managed bands, and tried to start a record label a few years back.  We realized the whole music business was in transition and we wanted some new strategies to promote artists. It evolved from there.

Read more at Hypebot

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The New Rockstar Philosophy

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