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June 2, 2009

Sometimes we forget that music is supposed to be fun. We forget that all the pressure of touring, of recording, of merch, of online presence, is all for fun. It’s all because music moves you to make it. Music moves you to express yourself through it.

I feel bad for this Wavves kid. He records his music because it’s in him and he has to get it out. He gets hyped beyond belief and then the gears of the music machine grind him to a pulp. In today’s world that can happen. You can record a demo on Garageband have it hit the indie charts and before you know it you’re taking over the world, or more like the world is taking you over. Luckily he’s still alive and he’s taking a step back. That step back will hopefully ground him and remind him why he started making music to begin with.

If you’ve read any music biography you’ll be familiar with the Wavves archetype. From rags to riches to breakdown. The time line changes but the events transpire similarly. So if you’re under pressure from anyone, even your own band mates, remember that you’re doing this because you love this and if you don’t love it, then alleviate that pressure and take a step back.

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