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Communication Breakdown: See Wavves

June 1, 2009

Typically on tour you are going to be spending nearly every waking moment with your band mates. For your tour to go smoothly your interband relationships have to function positively.

You have to be able communicate with your band mates. Talking about music, songwriting, or gear does not count. You need to be able to talk about real issues and real life. Sometimes we’re fooled into thinking that we have so much in common with our band mates, but if you took music out of the equation what’s left?

Wavves received a lot of buzz early this year. Now it appears that the pressure of an international tour was too much for them and they weren’t communicating well.  According to Pitchfork they had a “meltdown” at Primavera Sound in Barcelona.

Although the video is fairly tame. Reports are claiming that the drummer soaked the guitarist with beer and shit came apart. Whatever really happened, I think it’s safe to say that there was a communication breakdown. These guys weren’t talking to each other about what was really going on and craziness ensued.

Even mini tours can be stressful on bands, especially new bands. You must communicate with your band mates and create real friendships. That’s the only the way to keep things together. Wavves learned that the hard way.

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