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Teasing Equals Amplified Anticipation

May 23, 2009

So let’s say you’re an artist who has developed a fanbase through online promotion and touring.  You’re still stuck on making an album even though you’ve read The New Rockstar Philosophy book and can see the magnificence of releasing 3ps on a regular basis.  You are however, worried that your little group of fans may forget about you if you don’t put out some new material.

How can you satiate your fans with some new content, while also building anticipation for your new album???  The solution my friend, is by teasing them. No, not by making fun of your fans or in any sexual context, but by giving short snippets of new songs/demos and putting them to video.

It’s like a constant stream of short movie trailers, but for an album. They’re made to get the fans hungry for the full feature.

John Mayer, who I have to say not only has a twitter addiction and massive guitar playing chops,  also has some marketing savvy up his sleeve. He’s been teasing his fans for the last few months as he readies his new album.  For the last 5 months or so, he’s being putting up bits and pieces of new songs as he writes and records them.  Not only does he get to take fans through the recording process, there’s constantly something new to keep a fan coming back.  In the old days, it would take a huge marketing push to raise awareness of a new album.  Now, he can just keep his core satisfied, while they spread the word for him.

Here are some of the vids he’s put out.  Note the first two, which are specifically designed to virtually take the fan into the studio with him. Also note how he’s named his blog,  “Battle Studies”.  That’s obviously the name of the upcoming album and just another example of marketing way in advance of an actual release.

Man, do I ever want to jam with Steve Jordon and Pino Palladino….

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